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STAR HBI Implementation and Tuning PDF Print E-mail

Yardley resources cover several critical competencies required to get the most out of McKesson's STAR system and HBI:

  • 20+ years experience in STAR SQL reporting and STAR implementation
  • 20+ years experience in McKesson Business Intelligence tools including HBI 
We can assist you in a variety of ways, from tailoring the standard content to developing new content to track your key issues.  Contact us to discuss your potential project.
Standard HBI Templates PDF Print E-mail

Yardley has developed a number of standard content templates that may be of interest to HBI users:

  • Core Measures
  • Premier
  • MIDAS 
HBI Technical Solutions PDF Print E-mail

McKesson tacitly sanctioned use of HBI's SQL Server engine in the 11.0 release.  By enabling HBI's database engine to be used directly, capable users can do just about anything they can think of using HBI, including joining disparate data, providing data transformations and even building new applications.  The results of all this work can be made available to users through HBI's standard security and viewing tools.

If there's something you think HBI should do, but can't figure out how, call us.  The chances are excellent the extended HBI capabilities can meet your needs.  Yardley provides training and development using these extended HBI capabilities.

HBI Payroll Reporting and Productivity PDF Print E-mail

In cooperation with one of our clients Yardley has developed a daily productivity tool that combines daily census data with daily time reporting data from Kronos.  All reporting is through HBI Highlights designed for the application and features analysis of FTEs, productive and non-productive hours and dollars and analysis of special pay types like overtime and agency.  The application updates are automatic and occur nightly.  The Kronos update uses a linked server query so that HBI is issuing the request for data directly to the Kronos reporting system.

The same approach can be used with virtually any other payroll, time reporting and census systems.  Streamline your operations and avoid the license fees and support requirements of third party systems.  Call if you would like us to show you how this application works in HBI.


HBI Overview PDF Print E-mail

HBI, Horizon Business Insight is McKesson's business intelligence solution for hospitals and health systems.  HBI's design and technology are the reasons why HBI is the industry-leading business intelligence solution.  We'll discuss some of the specifics of this further below, plus some backgorund.

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