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Plan For Upgrade: TRENDSTAR to Horizon Performance Manager (HPM) PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 15 May 2009 16:01

Roger Crook, Yardley Management Solutions, Inc.


As hospitals and health systems make their information technology investment plans, they should be considering the move up to HPM from TRENDSTAR.  Hundreds of organizations are squeezing every last dime from their TRENDSTAR investment, but they need to be careful not to miss opportunities presented by the overall IT investment strategy to make this move.  The TRENDSTAR customer base is gradually migrating to HPM for many excellent reasons, but the real impetus for upgrade decisions comes from the overall information technology context.


For every organization there is an optimal point at which to make this investment and to begin reaping the benefits of HPM's analytic power.  So what are the factors that come into play in this decision?  We will discuss these below:


TRENDSTAR to HPM System Migration Preparation PDF Print E-mail
Valuable data and business rules exist in your TRENDTSAR system, and should be leveraged in the migration to HPM.  Yardley can help you document your current configuration and processes, so that your conversion does not disrupt services you provide to your users, and so you obtain maximum benefit from your previous decision support investments.
HPM Encounter Based Budgeting - Activity Based Modeling in HPM PDF Print E-mail

HPM contains a powerful management tool called Encounter Based Budgeting (EBB).  It is actually a powerful activity, cost and revenue modeling tool.

HPM Data Extensions PDF Print E-mail
Yardley provides training and solutions involving HPM's data extension capability.  Data extensions are essentially a replacement for the custom object feature which offer more flexibility and ease of use.  Data extensions can be used to store data, create groupings, benchmarks and flags in your data.  Book an overview session and we will use some of your data to have you productive with this great feature in under an hour.
HPM - Horizon Performance Manager PDF Print E-mail

Horizon Performance Manager(HPM) is the engine for McKesson's Clinical Analytics and Financial Analytics solutions.  HPM provides a comprehensive health care provider data warehouse encompassing multiple subject areas, and tailorable for specific requirements: