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TRENDSTAR Tip - Download without FTP PDF Print E-mail

This approach to moving files is probably quicker in most cases, because it moves the file without building a list of your entire TRENDSTAR directory.  Here is how it works.

 1) Add a "Generic/Text Only" printer to your workstation.  Add a printer, choose local, FILE:Print to file, generic, generic/text only.  This printer is very helpful for HPM users, too.

2) You can either make this your dedicated printer, or even better, when you are in e-Term or another emulator, make this the printer for the session.

 3) When you have a file you want on your workstation, use the List a File option, and choose dedicated printer.  You will be prompted for the filename.  It is easiest to drop the file on your c:\ root directory then move it later.

 Really large files are probably still best moved with FTP, but this is a super-quick method you may find helpful for everything else.

Using HBI to Maintain TRENDSTAR Tables PDF Print E-mail

Have you ever had trouble keeping up with new departments, new service items, new UB/HCPCS mappings?  Use HBI to automate your TRENDSTAR maintenance!  First you set up daily feeds for HBI from patient accounting and GL, which you should probably have anyway.  Then use SQL Server to format the data precisely the way you need it for NAM and UBH files, and set up an exception highlight for new departments and service items.  Set up a schedule for automatic updating, as often as daily.

 Contact us if you need a hand with this mini-project.  It will save you hours every month and ensure your  system is ready to go for any type of analysis.

TRENDSTAR Physician Practice Groupings PDF Print E-mail

Here is a great way to extend value of your TRENDSTAR system, by grouping your physicians into more meaningful practice groups and also supplying "aliases", so you can report on individual physician performance without singling anyone out. Unlike summary tables or the physician file, this approach works with any physician data field you have, and you can even add more data or additional groupings.

TRENDSTAR Keys Cheat Sheet PDF Print E-mail

Print this page of key shortcuts.  It's helpful for both new and experienced users.

TRENDSTAR Executive Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) PDF Print E-mail

I'm new in the executive role in a TRENDSTAR site; what can TRENDSTAR do for me?

TRENDSTAR is a terrific resource which can help you understand what makes your healthcare organization tick. By combining activity, cost and revenue, you can obtain a clear picture of your business, evaluate new projects, monitor performance and make clear decisions based on objective information.

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